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Thanks a lot. I'll check out the ice website again as you stated. I would definitely rather do an in person class over an online one. I'll check sur la table as well. Thanks again.
I looked on their website. I didn't find any with basic baking of cakes. Also, since I have a 3 month old baby, I can't do evening classes. So I was hoping for daytime classes. It doesn't matter weekend or weekday.
It was actually an 8" cake. My oven temp was 325 and I was using bake even strips. When I baked without the bake even strips and at 325, it took 45 mins. But that one I found was dry.
I am an amateur baker/decorator. I am still trying to find a perfect cake recipe. I made a yellow cake and in my first attempt I felt it was dry (but not crumbly, had a perfect coat for frosting). Next time I kept a closer and eye and kept checking by the toothpick test. The toothpick didn't come out clean at 60 mins. At the 65 min mark, it came out clean. But when the cake cooled down and I took it out, the outer side of the cake was browner than the middle. The cake was...
Hi, I have been mainly baking cakes from boxes. I have tried a few different from scratch recipes and they are either not moist enough or they are crumbly. I have tried adjusting the baking time incase it was overbaked and so on and i am not happy with the end product. I really want to take a basic cake baking class but have not even able to find one online. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
Thanks for the advice. My problem is that the person I am making it for wants the figure to be exactly like a picture they sent me.   I am attaching their original picture and a picture of what I made. This is my first attempt for a figure and I know it is not very neat. I am getting very nervous about putting it on the cake now.   Can I tape the back to a dowel rod and use that as a support in the cake or would that be too crazy?   Also, when I checked my...
Hi, I think I have really messed up my figure. I made a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste bear. I attached all the pieces and let it dry. I put a toothpick to support the legs and the head. But I didn't put a toothpick at the bottom to attach to the cake. Now my figure does not stand straight. The shoe didn't dry flat. I don't have time to make another figure. Please give me ideas of how to put it on the cake?? Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the tip. I am new to this so I was worried that there maybe a technique. I am not sure how good I am going to be in painting it. But I will try it out, as soon as I get my molds!
Hi,I have seen various pictures where a silicone mold it used for fondant, but there is detailing in the piece. There are different colors used., Like a 2 layered bow or a flower with a different center. Does anyone know how this is achieved?Thanks in advance.
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