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UPDATE: Well the cake turned out pretty good with the whipped frosting ....she loved it and ordered a couple diff others for fathers day and another Bday...I ended up using a grass tip to apply the frosting instead of star tip...Thanks all
Thanks all, I really don't think the 2 are even close...I mean at least buttercream crusts...I haven't ever worked with bettercreme before....The cake is for a 4 yr old ...I just dont see how to smooth the bettercreme without messing all the colors up...
She wants whipped icing and I can't get it to come out right so I bought the whipped bettercreme...I could use choc. as one color but not sure about the you think star tippping it is the best when applying it to cake?
How do I get Camo colors from Rich's Bettercreme whipped icing? and how do I make it look decent on a cake? Thank you in advance...the cake is due Thursday ugh
Do I need to add supports to a 10x3 topped with a 6x3? Here's a pic of a cake likeĀ I'm going to do..thank you
Not so sure I like this new format...
I know exactly what you mean about last minute orders and people expecting a cake for almost nothing...I had no idea how much time is involved in doing cakes until I started over a year ago...I totally agree with those saying to NOT do it if she calls back...been there and done that! I have a problem also with people wanting a quote then totally changing the design afterwards and still expecting the price to stay the same....
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