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Ahhh yes.  Thank you for the clarification K8memphis! 
The customer's request was that the lettering be done in silver, not piped.  Piped or fondant lettering is not an issue on her end...just mine. :-)   I was looking for alternatives to piping directly on the cake but that can't be done in silver anyway, so I may have to resort to cutting the letters out of fondant.   On a side note, I've read about a possible technique to try...piping words in royal icing backwards onto wax paper and then applying to the cake after it...
She wants the cake done in buttercream  I thought of that but she wants the cake done in buttercream :-(
Here's the picture.  
A customer sent me her idea for her daughter's 16th birthday. (3 tier) She wants her daughter's favorite quotes written all over the cakes.  Some of the quotes are super long.  I am NOT a piper at all.  I flat out suck at it so I work mainly with fondant and cut any lettering I ever need.  For this though, I'm not sure that is the best solution??  Too tiny and time consuming...   So I'm looking for suggestions on other ways I could get quotes all over a cake or is piping...
I wouldn't pitch this batch.  Have you thought of doing some testers with your blues with small pieces of the fondant? That will tell you how it will turn out and you're not committing to the whole batch.  And def use lemon extract instead of the juice.  Good luck!
Great Job and looks great!  How did you attach the silver dragees together that are hanging off the cake? Glue?  They look so seamless.
So I wanted to share the result/my version of a doodle cake.  I stuck with covering in fondant and drawing right on the cake.  I used a combo of edible markers and painting. I wanted a little dimension so the family and name are done with fondant pieces. I did find it a little difficult to draw on the cake with my hand up in the air and not resting on anything which ended up being a good thing because that helped my drawings look more kid-like!   I was still very nervous...
Awww thanks howsweet.  That really is sweet of you... ;-)   lol!   Very good idea Rfisher!!  I like that!! lol!!
I agree!!   And duh on the googling.  LOL!Thanks for reeling me in.  
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