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well, i stuck them on straight ;) the cake is due in 2 days, i suppose i'll find out the hard way ;)
Hi, will royal icing decorations soften on top of buttercream?  can i place them ahead of time?  how much ahead of time ;)? Thank you!
Hi, someone asked me for a 3 tier cake, but they don't want it too big, is it reasonable to do 8-6-4 inches? Also, i see that SPS system doesn't come in 4 inch plates... Will this cake be stable enough for transport without SPS just with dowels? Thanks!
can you please bring back the view count?  It really made the difference to see how many people looked at the cake whether or not the cake has any favorites. thank you
yes, i understand i have to cut the black keys, my question is more about the white keys. What should i use to score the fondant?
Hi,I'm working on a music themed cake and need to make piano keys.What is the best way to do it - score fondant with "something" to make an effect of white keys or cut the keys from fondant and stick on top to the fondat tier?THanks!
Thank yyou!how many cake mixes does it take to fill 3 inch tall 12" round pan 3/4 full?
Hi,I need a 4 inch cake to use sps, I have 3 inch pan.What is the best way to proceed - try to bake to the top of 3 inch pan and fill or do 2 runs of 3/4 full 3 inch pan.Thank you!
thank you!do you suggest melting marshmalows and just adding rice crispies?
Hi,I'd like to make turrets for a castle cake from RKT.Never done RKT before, do I form the cylinders for the turrets when RKT is still warm? Or do I let it dry on a cookie sheet and then carve?Any advise is appreciated!Thank you!
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