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Hello all,    Have a few questions on a 3 tiered cake I am attempting this coming week (still a newbie here!).    I want to do a whipped cream/raspberry filling because I have gotten rave reviews on it previously. My question is, I know I need to keep the filling refrigerated, but once covered in fondant and then removed from the fridge, the fondant becomes wet once the temperature changes. Is there any way to prevent that or am I totally doing it wrong from the...
i'm also wondering- don't you need to let the cakes cool completely before wrapping? I just froze cakes for the first time last week. Baked 3 layers (6,8,10 sq) on Monday. Decided that I wanted another layer so I baked more on Wed. I froze them all, but the initial layers came out kind of gummy, but i know i didnt let them cool as well as i did the 2nd batch.
i was wondering this myself- would poured chocolate ganache work good as well?
So this is my first time trying the bake-freeze method. My cakes have been frozen since monday night- i just thawed them and they are like soaked, gummy throughout. I double wrapped them in saran, then tinfoil, then a shopping bag. I think i may have not let them cool enough after baking. What do i do? I have the 2nd layer of each tier that froze well, i guess i can just put them on the tops of each tier to kind of mask the wetness of the other layers??
I'm pretty sure "The Mat" that jhay is talking about is from Sweet Wise this mat is a vinyl safe mat that is two sides and allows you to roll the fondant out without using corn starch or powdered sugar (its awesome) - I dont believe karateka is talking about the same thing. Check out youtube "sweet wise"- they have a ton of helpful videos. jhay, i have the same exact problem- i've just been resorting to using my hands as much as i can, then i take a bit of the powdered...
forgive me if this is a dumb question, but i'm a novice here lol. would this work on a buttercream cake instead of a fondant covered cake? would you still use the piping gel as glue (after BC crusts), or would you be able to utilize the buttercream to make it stick (before it crusted)?thanks!
mine is in my photos- didn't turn out that great. I need to figure out my timing better because i always end up rushing and the end product suffers because of it. But practice makes perfect, this was only my 3rd cake so far. i have a 3 tier square bday cake to make for 10/15- i am going to bake level and freeze a full week in advance, then work on coloring the fondant, icing, etc in the days leading up.
Rafael, Any news on teaching a class? Also, I see that you are in Philadelphia- couple questions for you. Did you take the Fantes cake decorating class? If so, how was it? I just recently stumbled upon their shop and have fallen in love! Any thoughts on a Philadelphia decorating class (taught by you i mean). Your cakes are beautiful, you are a definite talent, and I cannot believe you are only 17 with the skills you have!
Guess it also depends on the type of book- I feel that a 9x13 works perfect for a text book. I did a 2 stacked book using the 9x13 pans. Check out my photos.
I am making a 3 book (stacked) cake for this sat. Going to bake, tort and frost Friday night- finish all the fondant work on sat. I have a question- the instructions on here said to use 3 separate pieces for the pages- i thought it might be easier to cover each cake (book) with white fondant first, and then do the colored cover piece on top of that - would that be way too much fondant ya think? I just recently bought "The Mat" so I was figuring i could roll the fondant...
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