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I see these beautiful cakes that have tiers that are at least 6 inches tall or taller and I am just wondering how you would cut and serve these cakes? Would you half the Tier? Would you have double the number of servings when calculating them? Just curious, thanks
This is my first attempt at decorating cookies and everthing was going fine until I made my black royal icing...I had to use a bunch of gel coloring to get a nice black color and now all the icing is dry but the black! Will it Dry??? Should I have done something else? HELP
I am still experimenting with fondant and gumpaste for my figurines I am making and would prefer to use something homemade however I haven't found a recipe that really is working for me. MMF doesn't dry hard so the figurine droops and gumpaste I have had similar problems as the amount of gumpaste for the body portion is larger it is like the outside dries but the inside remains soft letting it droop as well but works awesome for the find detail. I have had good success...
I am going to make my own cake board for a larger wedding cake in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any hints of what to use cover it with. Can you use a piece of plywood cut to size and covered with wrapping paper? I will have a covered piece of cardboard under the cake so it wont actually be touching the cake? any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I was just reading about using Non-toxic Chalk Pastels as Petal Dust and was wondering if this was true and if anyone has any experience using it.
I am want to try making Meringue Buttercream but would like to know if you can use it with fondant and how long it can stay at room temperature. Thanks!
I am doing a wedding cake shortly for a wedding that will have about 250 guests. I know not everyone will have cake so how many servings should I plan for?Thanks!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been asked to do 300 cupcakes for a wedding and I am a little unsure about it and haven't agreed to do it yet. I probibly would have to bake them in advance and freeze them? are they okay to stack after frozen? What about decorating and transporting them? Would you decorated them once you have gotten to the facility or would you ice them prior to that and transport them decorated. What is the best way to transport them...
Thank you everyone for your have all been very helpful
I am looking for some websites that people have used to purchase fondant cutters and or molds as well as petal dust etc. I live in Canada and am looking for reasonably priced websites preferably in Canada (to cut down on the shipping) but outside of Canada too. Any recommendations will be truely appreciated.
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