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Yeah ur right didn't want her to think this lady doesn't know what the hell she's doing but oh well that's the only way ill find out.
I have talked to Marina Sousa about her having a wedding cake class in New Orleans. She sent me all her info on how the pricing works but I'm confused and a little embarrassed to ask her do I pay her up front, or do I pay have now and have later when the class fills up has anyone hosted a class before if so can u shed some light on this.
is there anyone in the new orleans(west or eastbank) area that has a cricut cake and is willin to make me a cut out ILL PAY.......PLEASE.
I bake from my home and my friend Has owned her Bakery for 10yrs so i trust them. Weddings r stressful enough i dnt want her to have to hope and pray someone would take her cake order so late and give her the quality that i would. My friend can and i know it but my cakes are my babies until they leave and and its not easy to give up creative control but she is reliable and she is very experienced.
I know I have a Good friend that has offered to do it for me I bake the cakes Sun and she will thaw them thursday and finish the cake on Fri for Sat. I just never been presented with this kind of situation and TRUST ME it wont happen again
i have a wedding cake due for April 7. My loving hubby just told me that he has booked a 7day cruise on for my 10th wedding Anniversary that leaves on April 1 and i wont be back until April 8. If i bake the cakes on Sat and Decorate them on Sunday do u think the cakes will still be fresh enough for the following Sat. Its a 4 tier almond flavor cakes all covered in fondant,stacked with the bling ribbon around the bottom. The florist will be putting a cascade of flowers on...
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