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You can wire them all together like you said, that's what I would do. Sometimes I have seperate flowers on different length wires or I wire some together and some not as I'm decorating the cake. But remember then the back view of the cake. It would be messy back there unless you add flowers there as well or find another way to cover the wires up. You can also have some flowers not on wires and just dab a teeny bit of melted chocolate where you can't see it and avoid the...
It really depends. I live in a humid climate and when I take fondant out of the fridge there is condensation which, depending on what you use on e fondat, can be impacted. I still refrigerate all of my cakes. The condensation does dry. I would say you should test a small piece and see how it behaves for you. I use gumpaste mixed with fondant usually and it's been fine for me.
That's pretty normal. Try not to squeeze the petals on so tightly at the base or try making a rose with petals on wires for the outer rows. If you ever do very large roses you will find the base isn't so bulbous.
You are very quotable. But more important you make me laugh. I really don't think any cakes can easily be copyrighted. To me though it's just a principle... I like to be the designer. That's part of the package. If they don't want this package then go find a different one. If I depended on cakes to pay my bills though I might have a different attitude about it.
I use all of my recipes as both cake and cupcakes too. Pretty sure if you just reduce the cooking time they would be fine but going to 325 also wouldn't hurt them.
Depends on what you are trying to paint. I've painted on molds and then put them on the cake but the color will come off onto your fingers and may look smudged. I don't know how long it would have to sit before it was really dry. I've painted things that dried for days but still left color on my fingers. I like my fondant or gumpaste to be dry befor ei paint on it. I've painted on fresh before though. It all depends on what your are trying to make.
Kara you crack me up I'm going to stalk you all over the net just to see what you say next lol! I wouldn't willingly replicate any other cake. That would take all of the fun out of it for me. Lol.
Some people cover them with shrink wrap so clean up is easier but yes you can re use them. I have. I read if you cover it in plastic wrap you can run a hair dryer over it to shrink wrap it but I havent tried that. Would love to try it next time.
Maybe they baked a tad too long? Maybe reduce your oven temp and try it again. I always slightly underbake anything I make. If you love the recipe but want to perk it up some you could make a mixture of butter, sugar,vanilla, baking soda and buttermilk, boil it for a couple of minute then brush it over the cupcakes. Tastier than simple syrup. I think vanilla cake is bland in any form but people seem to only want vanilla or chocolate cake where I live. If you like that...
Oh sorry I totally forgot to answer your second question... Storage. I use anything.... Shoe boxes, perfume boxes.... I hoard any good solid nice box with a lid for storage. I don't like airtight storage in my humidity so any other type of sturdy box works for me to keep the dust off and light out.
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