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If you go back to page 2 of the comments there posted @tyalynn
I flip the bottom of my spring form pan upside down it works good
I purchased mine at Joanne s and Michaels in their jewelry section.
Pinterest has lots under ruffled fondant rose
Whip cream then you can add your own amount of sugar maybe this can help with some ideas
Hello, I have a cake Saturday snd wxnted to make it look silver. Can somrone tell me the easiest way to fo that. Thanks Nicole,
I use 1 1/2# unsalted butter 4 eggs 3 cups sugar 1 tablespoon of salt vanilla extract and 10 cups of ap flour. You can make the recipe smaller.
The recipe I usedoes not call gor it and they keep there shape
Hello, I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to make sapphire blue fondant. Would I start with a royal blue fondant? Start with white. I need to make 200 small flowers for cupcakes and I need sapphire blue color. I do have luster dust that sapphire blue that I will dust them with after. Thanks
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