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Thank you so much for all of your ideas and advice. I did add more sprinkles because I didn't think they would stand out as much as I wanted and it was a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried making Philsbury Funfetti cake as a WASC version before or with the cake mix extender recipe? If so, did it turn out properly? Is it good? I have a funfetti request and wanted to find out if either of these methods would work with the box mix. Thanks!!
I was recently asked to make a number one birthday cake by a friend and I have seen some wonderful ideas here on CC. However, I have one question, some people have used a cake pan in the shape of a #1 while others have carved their cakes from a sheet cake pan. I have NEVER carved a cake before and it makes me a little nervous that I will mess it up...although I am willing to try whatever it is that will give me the "better" cake. Any advice will be much appreciated!! Thanks!
Wow!! Thank you ALL for the great tip! Americolor, here I come!!! Also, thank you for letting me know that I can't just "add oil" to a scratch recipe to create "moist-ness"; what can I do instead?I truly appreciate all of this feedback! All of you are amazing!!!!!!!
Over the weekend I had 2 cake projects to complete; a baby shower cake and some rainbow birthday cupcakes. I thought that the cupcakes would be a piece of cake, no pun intended! Well, turns out that they were a total nightmare. I had made a batch of cupcakes from a new recipe a few days prior and they were pretty awesome so I agreed to use that recipe. The only thing I thought was that they were a little dry or too "cake-y" for cupcakes so I added 1/3 of a cup of vegetable...
I was asked to make a cake covered in buttercream; which I had successfully done in the past. I used a recipe I had previously used for Italian Buttercream and it was a hit; the only change-up was that I added some veg shortening because the cake would be sitting in the sun and didn't want it to melt with all butter. The night prior to the delivery I had already dirty iced my cake, but because it was so late, I decided to finish icing it the following day (so I put the...
I made (2) cakes, and after I covered them in fondant, they got a bulge on the side from the icing inside (I am assuming). What am I doing worng???? HELP!
Hi everyone! I am a newbie and would like to know of any icing recipes that can be smoothed out on a cake (to make it look really smooth). I've tried icing with powdered sugar and I can't ever get the granules completey dissolved and it doesn't smooth onto the cake either. Any recipes or ideas on how to get icing super smooth would be most helpful! Thank you!! [b]
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