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Hi, don't know if I'm too late but this weekend I was reading a post by GateauxIncCakes and royal bakery on my Facebook. They had the same dilemma about hot pink on royal icing and fondant. They did a lot of experimenting and came up with the perfect hot pink. She used candy colors for fondant and airbrush colors for royal icing.
Thankyou Drummerg68. Did you end up making the Tajmahal cake?
Hello, I know this is very very very late..but did you by any chance find that video. I'm making a tajmahal cake in 2 weeks and I think I'll need some help.
The vodka evaporates completely. But if you are concerned use rose spirit, this is available in cake decorating shops.
Sounds like a very interesting cake. I'm all the way in Sydney but have hear about this cake. Can anyone post any pic or link to it please.
Try piping gel mixed with lustre dust. If the gel gets too thick, you can thin it down with some vodka or decorators alcohol. Works fantastic....
Hi, I have a request to make a cake as in the picture (attached) provided by the client. This is due on Friday Morning. Can you please give me tips of making the ruffles atthe back of the peony. Thankyou in advance.
Hello,Will try and answer a few questions too. Debbie brown has a good sturdy cake recipe on her website. Google her website. I do not think marshmallow fondant will hold well with figurines ( personal experience). Figurines Can be made a month in advance if stored properly. Floral wire is what you need to use wires in cake. You can get that from a craft shop or a florist, basically they are wires covered with floral tape which make it food safe. Regarding Oreo dipped...
How about using a dolly varden tin to make it look like tent, you may need to do some carving work. And make it look like the curtain is half open and a clown and some characters peeping out of it.
I would suggest green since purple would stand out and over power the rest of the colors.CakesByRashmi
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