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Hi There , i must replicate the gold decor that you a seeing in this photo.I don t think is royal icing    ,how you think they are made of?Thanks for your help!
Please any idea?
 Hi Ladies i have a order for this cake and i need to make this cake topper in fondant/gumpast no cake whats' the most 'easy way to do it? Thanks for your wonderfull help!
Thank you so much ladies!
Hi i need to freeze a 6' cake should i freeze it filled and cover in icing or not? Thanks!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
can some body please tell how big is a cake that measure 1/4 slab please
Thanks but specific what dose for a proget .i told her 14.50 let see if she answer me back.
you are super funny! i wish i can have u like a real friend!  any way i just realized you are so right ,but i can t tell her 45 even if is what they are worth i m tryng to make client and i m not super busy at the moment so i think i will tell her 14.50 even if i think she will never order it .
sorry for my english ladies!
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