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Thank you everybody for all of the great ideas and advice. I at least have somewhere to start from now! I would be so lost without this site.Thank you DragonFly2333 for your lovely compliments, it means a lot!
My biggest concern now is space. There will be three or four people's luggage crammed into our car's trunk as it is, kind of hard to pack a cooler on top of that. I would attempt it if I was traveling alone but that is not the case.
Thanks for the quick replies, not sure though that a pre-baked cake will last 14 hours in a hot, packed trunk. I may have to bake it there. I will keep in mind the beach theme though, thats a good idea. Any thoughts on how to achieve a 'traditional birthday cake' look with a twist? (just something going through my head) Keep the ideas coming and thanks again!
Hi all, got a question I hope someone can help me with. I have to make a cake for a family birthday party in a few months and I need some ideas. Ordinarily I would just browse through all of your wonderful pictures and come up with ideas on my own but this time is a little different. Here's the thing, my extended family has rented a house on the beach for a week and they want to celebrate everyones birthday one night on vacation. Getting the whole family together is a rare...
Try googling 'white chocolate candy corn m&m cookies' it brought up a bunch of suggestions for me. I included a couple of links to some good ones. Hope this helps
Went to google and found this picture that might help/inspire you. Just make regular halloween things softer and less scary, more childish. Hope this picture helps. If the image doesn't work try googling 'cutesy halloween' and...
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