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The minnie mouse ears will be made from gumpaste and will go on a 6 inch dome cake. I've been searching how to attach the ears but am finding nothing, I was thinking about using royal icing, are there better options? please help! thank you!
When I make cupcake cakes i usually arrange my cupcakes the way i want them and use pieces of left over cupcakes to fill in the gaps to prevent icing from sinking. Then i can use which ever icing the customer would like. Hope that helps!
How could i make this Monster High crest out of fondant?any suggestions are appreciated!Copy and paste or click on the link, the picture is blue and pink with a skull.
I'm very new to cake decorating and have only made one fondant tiered cake before. I always bring my desserts to work for them to try out and give me feedback. Well one of my bosses like my first cake so much she asked me to make a cake for her sister's baby shower. I warned her that i'm new to this and would not make any promises on how the cake turned out. Told her i would make a practice cake to see if I was able to actually make one. Practice cake turned out better...
The fondant is sticky and soft and wet...
I'm making a boot cake for a boss for a baby shower, but she wanted cream cheese filling so i've been refrigerating the cake. Last time i refrigerated a cake with MMF it was fine. But this MMF is melting!! Is there anything to help stop the melting? any help is appreciated!Should i add that it's 100 + degrees outside?
I use Americolor super red and black and haven't had the crumbly issue. One thing i have noticed with the red and black is to let the color sit for 10 - 15 minutes (after you have mixed it in the fondant/icing), and it usually becomes black and not dark greyish. Also when i make MMF i've notice that i don't have to knead in all 4 cups of Powdered sugar, are you adding in all 4 cups when you make a normal batch?hope this helps
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