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Hi I am decorating cake dummies for the first time. I am doing a 'ruffle' cake, so using strips of fondant  I have read about covering the dummies in a thin layer of shortening before starting - my question is, do I need to completely cover the dummies with fondant before putting the ruffles on or will the ruffles stick to the dummies by themselves? Thanks for any advice. 
I live in Nebraska and can't find anything online stating one way or another regarding licensure so...I will most likely just have to make a lot of phone calls that will lead to another phone call, etc I don't currently have a facebook page just wanting an easy way to get my name out there, but I will just have to do some investigating to find out the legalities. Thanks for the info!
I am very new to cake decorating and am unlicensed out of my home. I was told that if I created a facebook page to get my name and cakes out there, I would need to be licensed? Advice?
Hi, I'm new to the whole cake making for sale thing. I'm making a birthday cake for this coming saturday and my week is really crazy, so I'm limited on my time to work on it. I was wondering if I made the cake and covered it in fondant on wednesday if it would still be ok for saturday? Or is that too far in advance? I want to make sure it stays moist. I'm using the WASC recipe with buttercream frosting.  I would appreciate any advise, thanks
Thanks for the feed back! I've always done 2in, but I'm not sure that's what I like. So I think I will try 3in this time around!
Ok dumb question: when doing a tiered cake what are the right cake sizes? With a round cake as an example are the sizes 2in differences, like 10/8/6, or more like 4in differences, like 12/8/4? Appreciate any input. Thanks
I've had problems with color consistency from container to container. I recently bought two 2 lb containers of white and one was not white but more off- white. Needless to say I wasn't very happy, especially considering the price.
I have a dumb question? How do you keep track of which side you 'cured'? When I used the mat the first few times it work wonderfully, but now I'm having problems with it sticking too. I've 're-cured' both sides with shortening as the video instructs but still having problems. The fondant as a whole comes of the mat ok, but sticks enough that the fondant is no longer smooth but grainy and i have a fine sandy like area of fondant left on the mat where I rolled it out. Any...
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