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Hello Karla Bakes, whenever I make a single batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream my recipe is 1 cup of sugar, 1 pound of unsalted butter, 5 egg whites and 1 T. of pure Vanilla extract. Since it looks like you did a double batch, the only way I can think of fixing it, is to add more butter to the buttercream. Hopefully it works.  
I took your advice and have been keeping my gumpaste in the fridge. Thanks so much!  
I really like the heavy cookie sheets. I've tried Wilton ones from my local JoAnn's and they warp in the oven. I recently found these at my local Sur La Table. They are on the pricey side but I enjoy the quality much better than the Wilton ones. Hope I was able to help.
Hello everybody, so I recently made Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste recipe. I noticed that in the description it said to keep the gumpaste in the fridge when not in use. I used meringue powder combined with water as my egg whites so I don't think that the gumpaste will be susceptible to spoiling. My question is, does my gumpaste absolutely have to kept in the fridge at all times or will it be fine left out at room temp? Thanks everyone.   
So this is my first time working with a dummy cake, putting on the fondant was super easy. But now I would like to remove the old hard fondant so that I may reuse the dummy cake. I tried peeling it off but it's really difficult and it's hard as a rock. When I covered my dummy cake in fondant, I just misted it with water. Should I have done something else to prevent the fondant from getting stuck to the Styrofoam? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 
I really enjoy this recipe, the reviews on it are amazing as well. It's worth a shot.  Happy caking!
Has anyone added melted chocolate and/or cocoa powder to the whipped cream buttercream recipe? I'm referring to the recipe that combines meringue as well as powdered sugar/crisco mixture. If so, what was your ratio of chocolate to buttercream? Thanks so much, Rebeca  
Wow, this is AMAZING!!! I've been using my serrated knife but with this nifty gadget, I can make sure my cake levels come out perfectly straight. Thanks so much for posting this!  
Hello everybody, I recently got approved/registered for a class A cottage food operation. I live in California so I cannot make/use cake fillings that need to be refrigerated. So no cream cheese, custards, mousses or ganache fillings.  I saw a recipe for a "mock" mousse that called for Pastry Pride and instant pudding. What's Pastry Pride and does it need to be refrigerated? Also would the texture of the "mock" mousse be similar to that of a real mousse made with meringue...
Thank you so much IAmPamCakes and ddaigle. I greatly appreciate the both of you helping me out.  
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