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I baked rainbow cake in jars and they turned out great. I posted some photos and instructions on my blog if you want to take a look. I also made a couple dozen up for a party. I put the icing in after they have completely cooled and they stayed fresh for about a week.
I used a box cake with mine. After a failed first attempt at baking I searched the internet and found a tip to bake this cake with the large end of the pan (the bottom of the cupcake) toward the back of the oven and the smaller part toward the oven door. That seemed to work good.
I love this layered effect too! I would say airbrush using a stencil, starting with light blue. When that dries move stencil down for the medium blue and then down lower for the dark blue. You could make your own stencil pretty easily.
I had a neighbor do that to me once. Begged me to make a cake, spent hours going over the plans and adding more and more on (she wanted a stage with instruments, then a full band....and how about lighting...) I kept telling her that it would be very time consuming and I would have a LOT of hours in it. Then about 2 weeks before she told me they overbudgeted the party and would have to just have a sheet cake. Thank God I didn't start making all those gumpaste figures...
Just a thought.....maybe you should give your son his first baking lesson and make him do the work. I bet he would never offer your services again! LOL!
Wow. Hanging up on you because you wouldn't give her something for free? You were at least nice enough to call and explain. I haven't had anyone be rude like that yet but I have had a lot of people begging me to do cakes and wanting to pay me. It's just a hobby for me and I want to keep it that way. They do seem offended when I tell them I don't sell I just make them as gifts for my family and close friends. I have noticed that most people don't realize the cost and...
I've never met a box mix I didn't like. Scratch on the other hand has been lots of trial and a whole lot of error. Hate to say it on here with all you awesome bakers but I prefer a nicely doctored foolproof mix (me being the fool of course) ;^)
You did a beautiful job on your arrangement and presentation. Is that a touch of pale pink I see to go with the b&w? I personally love this color combination, especially for a wedding. A pop of brighter color maybe would have been more eye catching and maybe a little more festive.
I usually split mine. Most of the time I add one more split layer to bring my cakes up to 5".
Serena I could have written your post dotting every i and crossing every t!! You sounds just like me!! LOL!
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