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hi i would also like a copy of the Ciroc bottle labels .. Thanks a bunch
I am new to using the airbrush ..and I bought the Duff airbrush system from Michaels.I got for 50% off with the coupon. I think it works fine for me being a beginner with no experience with airbrusing. It's easy to use, and clean. It also does a wonderful job covering the cakes that i have covered with it. I'll post them in my gallery (Elmo and the Roller Skate ). Maybe once i'm more experienced I'll look into upgrading.
Wilton also has a Icing Fun curriculum that catered to Girl comes with the tips, Bag, can also print the practice pages offline...the link is below was also going to recommend Sam's for the icing Hope this helps Cakegurlkia
I just wanted to THANK YOU Ladies for your help.....The glycerin and glucose workkvery well ...You ladies were my life-savers
Thanks im going to try your suggestion ....will let you know how they work
How can I make my MMF pliable???? or is it too late ......I have two bust cakes due and I made my mmf two days ago...I have tried kneading crisco into it and adding a little extra water feels like Play doh it's not pliable at all its just cracking and falling apart Is there any thing I can do to make it pliable ?????
this site offers a step by step tutorial .....but you have to buy it thru
i am going to try to make Strawberry cupcakes with Peach Ciroc vodka ....this is my first time trying to make a cocktail cupcake ...I'm using a box mix ..following the durable cake recipe on here CC any help or tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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