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Thank You KikiandKyle   TheCakeDude it sounds so lovely the way you describe your presentation! Thanks for sharing :)
I am opening a cake shop in less than two months (Cake Beautiful) and I want everything to be perfect so I am seeking some advice/tips & tricks for the perfect cake consult/tasting (I don't have a ton of experience with them) It could something little or big any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Is it difficult to see through the window with the UV film on the window?
You should call your local health dept. they will tell you exactly what the requirements are for that.
good luck!
Now when you say cracks are they like elephant skin when you lay the fondant on the cake or is the fondant cracking and literally splitting away from the cake. I only ask because that happened one time to me about two years ago it was one of the first cakes I made. The cake was fine after I covered it, it actually looked great and as the day went on one specific spot on the cake started to get a huge air bubble in it and the fondant literally started to separate from...
You can also try molding out of modeling clay.
Sometimes if the crumbcoat is not completely smooth air bubbles will form under the fondant. Just pop them with a pin and gently smooth them out.
I used an all butter based buttercream because once you chill it you can basically carve the icing by guiding along the edge of the cake board with a really hot scraper.
Please don't get discouraged! It takes a lot of practice to lay fondant properly. If you love decorating cakes just keep at it eventually it will be perfect! Do lots of research to find the technique that works for you.
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