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True its part of the business cost but if its a pan you'd have no chance of using again or often try see if you can hire it. That will be more cost effective for you.
It all depends on where you get ingredients and area you live. Thing which peeves me is when people want your cake but expect to pay supermarket prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for posting these you are a star. Cant wait to try them
Beautiful roses will definitely give it a try.thanks so much for sharing.
4.5 tsp to a kg of fondant. the pieces werent big but about 1" thick. had them drying for 2hrs before trying to assemble.
I added GT to fondant to make gumpate for crib cake but my bed wont stand how do i make it firm enough? thanks
Thanx Lisapeps on my way to get some.
here in the uk we dont have dream whip what could I use instead for BC?
your work is really great. please pm me tips as well many thanks
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