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cakes for my mother and sister are free. that's it. your business should be respected. good luck
I am a scratch baker, however, nicely said, jgifford.
hola, sinceramente no vi tu mensaje, para mi es un hobby asi que no puedo darte un precio. Los forums en ingles, no le gustan dar precios, ponen mil excusas, algunas tienen razon-ejemplo-depende de tu area/mercado. Suerte!
osgirl, have you ever used cup4Cup flour,sold by williams-sonoma? you also use it cup for cup, I've spent a ton mixing my own blend, some great, some not so great.
I have used acrylic with great esults for dummy cake
No, it is not being given to you straight, it is beyond what is called for, some of these posters are not your athletic trainers or life coaches where they whip you into shape.
here's a white velvet oneWHITE VELVET CAKE Read more about it at,226,154183-229201,00.htmlContent Copyright © 2012 - All rights reserved.1/2 cup butter1 1/2 cups sugar4 egg yolks1/2 cup cold water or milk1 tsp. vanillapinch of salt1 1/2 cups flour1/2 cup cornstarch2 teaspoons baking powder4 egg whitesSift flour with cornstarch and baking powder. Stir salt and vanilla into 1/2 cup cold water or milk.Beat butter and sugar together until...
I believe that you can offer alternatives as previously stated, being honest and telling the bride what they want is not something that you are confident with goes a long way in good business practices.
I saw on the internet several years ago that a baker, non-professional, sent her cake in a see through plastic mailer and it arrived with one flower broken. It was visibly a cake and labeled this side up. My concern would be that it would be eaten , lol. My Mother received a half sheet cake from florida to philadelphia years ago. It was spoiled. The family member's spouse (now divorced-for different reasons-although I'm sure this didn't help), mailed the non...
I would have charged 65
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