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Step 1: Make sure you are already logged into facebook.Step 2: On the top right of your FB page, you will see a 'search' box. Type in the name of the page/person you are after. You will be presented with a list. Select the right page.Step 3: Once you are on the FB page you want, you should be on the first page and you will be able to click on the 'Like' box.Hope you find the above steps useful.I have already liked your FB page.Ruth
I am so happy I came along this post. I have always wondered if I can refrigerate or free my scratch cake batter. Sometimes I am making a cake for the weekend but because I work as well it is ideal if I can make my cake batter and buttercream, refrigerate or freeze and use when needed.Fantastic post and advice, can't wait to try it out. I am based in UK and I am so happy I joined CC.Ruth
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I order stock regularly from The Cake Decorating Company. Will give it a try.CheersRuth
Hello,I am based in London, UK and I started a cupcake business last year. It's part-time but I am looking to increase my client base and I do get enquiries from potential customers outside London.The only problem is I have no idea how to package cupcakes for postage. Can anyone share any best practice, tips and direct me to relevant websites (Uk and overseas)?Thank you.Ruth
I like it but I will advice you to google it first to see if anyone else has that name and what comes up on the internet. I wish you sucess in your business.
Hello,I am based in Chingford, Essex. It's a bit further down but I can make the cake if your friend doesn't mind picking it up. If you wish to discuss, please email:
Hello,I need to make some cakes and cupcakes for a little girl. She can't eat butter, sugar or milk but she can have eggs. I already have a tried and tested sugar free cake recipe and will substitute butter with trex. My dilema is frosting, can anyone help with sugar free frosting recipe?
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