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Oh wow! Thank you for your help guys! And it's okay if I put gumpaste decorations on it if I leave the cupcakes at the room temperature the day before the delivery? Of it's preferable that I put this decoration at the last minute? Thank again!!!
Hi guys! What do you prefer? Frost the cupcakes the day before the delivery and fridge them or frost the cupcakes the same day of the delivery?Thank!! ^_^
Hi everyone! My question is: I have some cupcakes to delivery for morning Wednesday. So I will bake the cupcakes the Tuesday, frost them (with a SMBC) and can I put my gumpaste decorations on it and put in the fridge then? Because my gumpate decoration is very delicate! I use Satin Ice gumpaste. I wondering if the humudity will affect this. Because otherwise, I must do go out the cupcakes of the fridge maybe 2 hrs for put my decorations before the delivery otherwise the...
Hi Joyfullysweet! Yes, It's what I talking about Ok thank!
Lol yes I want mean Canada and USA. Sorry for my bad english! Yes, probably, thank for your comment.
Hi guys! I want to know: Why in USA, some bakers make the layers of cake most thin with more layers of buttercream than in North America, the bakers put a more bigger layer of cake, a thin to medium layer of buttercream and a last layer of cake? For make a sculpted cake, that is better? More stable? Or is just a way for layering a cake?
Hi!! Thank you for your comment!
Hi! My question is: What is the difference between using 2 eggs instead 4 eggs in a cupcakes recipe? Because I have seen a2 similar Lemon cupcakes recipe and one using 2 eggs and the other one using 4 eggs. What will be the difference? More denser cake? Thank you!!
Hi guys! I want to know if you are see a difference between whole milk or milk in a cake/cupcakes recipe? Because at this time, I'm always using 2% milk for make my buttermilk or cake recipes. is there a real difference? Or it's really minimal?Thank you for your tips!
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