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Thank you!
Hi! Tahnk you for you reply!!
Hi! Ok well the only most important thing it's to have the numeric convertion for put the same amount of flour. So 500gr of all-purpose flour and change for 500gr of cake flour thats good?It's sur the visual amount of cake flour will be much than the ap flour but the weight is the same.
Ok great! Thak you all people!!
Hi! I want know if I can change the all purpose flour in a recipe for cake flour? Exemple: If the cake calls for 3 cups of all-purpose flour, can I put 3 cups of cake flour? Because I know that ake is more ligher of the all-p. Or the equivalence is not the same?
Hi! I'm looking for a mousse recipe (chocolate and fruit recipe) that are stiff enought to filling my weddings cakes. To must be stiff enough to have fondant cover too.Suggestions? Thank you
Hi!! Hoe you make your cake tasting?Do you offer sample of cakes with balls ok samples icing?Do you offer sample of mini portion of cakes? And if you have pre-set flavors, do you offer many flavors that you ask at the client want he want to taste ans then you just take the portion out of the frozen? (Exemple: if you offer 15 differents flavors, you cannot put 15 slices of cakes in a plate, it's too much! loll)Let me know!!
Wow! Thank you every one! Well, I'm think the same thing. All flavours must be the same price. But maybe I'm not charge enough for this. I charge 4.00$ per slice. Actually, I have serve basic flavor. But I want to make a cake tasting with many flavors.
Hi! What is the best way?Do you charge the same price for all flavors cake and filling or you make an extra .50$ per slice for exemple the white cake with pistachio buttercream and abricot filling?Because I have seen so many web sites and many will charge an extra for a carrot cake with creem cheese frosting and the other one, no.Thank you!!
Well, I'm looking for a moist and firm cake. Fos 3D cake of course.
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