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Thank you for your reply. :)
Hello! My questions to know ** if your cakes, flour grid represents you a cake. Personally, I find the finer texture (which is more than just a'' pro'' look cake made by Mom, you know?) I tried the recipe with cake flour and all purpose flour with another and it's annoying. Because cake flour is more expensive too. Having less air particle cake is more dense automatically too. Let me know your impression and what you prefer. What did you observe your customers? What...
Hi! Well sometimes, she look better than this.. Maybe whip a little bit too much!  Or incorporate the butter too with the paddle too fast.   I will see the post at Sweetapolita... Thank you :)   Also,Thanks for the idea vgcea!
Hi guys! I'm really okay with the SMBC. I make it all the time but I want to know if your smbc looks like this sometimes? Why she have many air bubbles? I whip my egg whites (of course) and then switch for the paddle attchment for incorporate de butter. On the picture, the smbc remained ten minutes on the counter... (this is a SMBC has raspberry jam)              
Thank you alot for your answer guys! I will try! :D  
Hahah! Thank you!  
Hi guys! I want to know your favorite (from scratch please..) vanilla cake recipe. A cake moist, not too dense, can be curve, with a fine crumb (but does not crumble), and can be great for cupcakes too! A versatile cake that can be change in lemon or other flavor cake.   You know this recipe? ;)
Thank for all guys!! :D  
Ok cool. But this cake are pre-paid? Or you include in your price without anyone know? ;)
Ok cool! Because if the clients want to keep the first top tier, they must pay the ''extra'' of this cake of course. So they can pay more for an extra top tier or pay later for a new fresh cake, right? So this is your option :)   Thank you!!
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