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Thank you!!
Thanks for the recipe!
@howsweet, the requester knows I haven't made any flan before. It's more like a challenge than just a request. But it's also something I'd like to try make.
Mexican flan. The requester is Mexican and that's what he'd prefer.
I was issued a request to make the best flan ever but I don't have a recipe. And I need the world's most amazing recipe ever. Literally it needs to be a "died and gone to heaven, want to sleep on this flan, need to stuff my face with this flan forever" type of flan. Can anyone help me out and recommend any recipes?
to go with white chocolate.  Cause I really want to make a sweet and spicy cupcake so I want it to be a spicy ingredient but I'm not sure what would go well with white chocolate.  I know that jalapenos typically go well with milk or semi-sweet chocolate but I'm not how sure that'll work with white chocolate.  Any suggestions?
Ooh, that sounds yummy!!
Thank you! I'll have to try this sometime!
How does the Italian Buttercream taste alone? I'm giving a speech on making chocolate cupcakes and am bringing the cupcakes in for my classmates. One of them has a peanut allergy so I'm going to make hers PB-less.
I'm making chocolate cupcakes this weekend and I really want to pair it with a PB Buttercream frosting. I was wondering if anyone had a great recipe that has enough to frost about 30 medium-sized cupcakes? Thank you!
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