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I was wondering how long you can keep buttercream in the fridge before it goes bad. Any help would be appreciated.
I would like to know how to soften my ganache that has been stored in the fridge. Any help welcomed.Thanks,
I guess that is what I did not letting them dry. Thanks for your advice and I will continue to dry them. Thanks,
Can anyone tell me how to remove the Lily I made in class yesterday. I tried to remove and it broke the flower. Any help welcomed.Thanks,
I recently made ganache to fill my cupcakes and was wondering how to store the rest and how long will it keep. Any help welcomed.
Thanks for the website, I just pulled it up and I think I can do this. The description was really good.
Can anyone tell me if they have a good recipe for Swiss Meringue Buttercream and does it need to be refrigerated after you ice your cake.If you do can you post the recipe.Thanks,
We do but, I had already mixed this one up and thought about making it lemon. I really didn't want to go back out to the grocery. I will try the lemon extract in a small amount and see how I like it. Thanks for all the help. If i don't like the taste I will just make yellow cake with the raspberry buttercream. I know they will get eaten. Thanks Again, Have a wonderful day....
How much lemon extract would you add.
I am making mini cupcakes for a party and am using a yellow cake mix. Can you add lemon juice to the mix after you made it like the package directions. I would like to make a raspberry buttercream and thought lemon cake would be good with it. Any help welcomed.
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