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My question is how long can you keep peanut butter filling in the fridge. I made it a week ago and it has been in the fridge since then. Can anyone help me on this.
Does anyone have a Pecan Cake that uses cream cheese in it. I have heard of one but, can't find a recipe.Thanks,
Can anyone tell what colors will make dark yellow. I have yellow icing gel and cooper gel. Not sure if I can mix those to get dark yellow. I saw where you can mix neon yellow with neon orange for fondant.Help I need it for today.Thanks,
A tall class is basically a tiered cake class. We will be using 6" and 10" cakes. I am curious on how we will be stacking. The wilton classes are great. Really have enjoyed all the ones I have taken.
Thank you for the help, I can't wait to see how we get this together. One more question, can you tell me how you transported your cakes to class and from class. As you see I have never done a tiered cake. Thanks,
I am going to be taking the Tall Cake Class next week and I was wondering if anyone has taken this class before. My question is it requires 2 6" and 2 10" cakes iced, do you know if the class stacks all together or will there be two separate stacked cakes. I know every instructor is different this is a Wilton Class at Michael's.Thanks,
This is the first time I will be using a 10" cake pan. Can anyone tell me how many cake mixes will it take to make two. I need this for my Tall cake class. Any help welcomed.Thanks,
Thank you for that information, I felt like I might had done something wrong. Now I know what I can do to make these better. I would prefer to make a scratch cake instead of a mix. Thanks again,
I recently made a cake for my daughters birthday and I used a recipe off of here. It was for the Fool Proof Yellow Cake. It was very dense and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get a homemade recipe to come out fluffy like a cake mix cake. It tasted good but the texture was not soft.Any help is appreciated.
I am getting ready to ice my cake for the final Fondant class and I have a quick question, do I have to use buttercream on the cake before I finish it with the fondant. Please help with this question.Thanks,
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