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thanks i will have to remember that oh well live and learn.
Can anyone tell me how to unseize chocolate melts. I was trying to make dark chocolate melts black by adding coloring to it. For some reason it started to seize up. Any help would be great need it for tomorrow to dip marshmellows. Thanks,
I would like to make Turkey Cake Pops for Thanksgiving and I am unable to find candy corn. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to use for the feathers instead of the candy corn. Thanks,
My question is how long can you keep peanut butter filling in the fridge. I made it a week ago and it has been in the fridge since then. Can anyone help me on this.
Does anyone have a Pecan Cake that uses cream cheese in it. I have heard of one but, can't find a recipe.Thanks,
Can anyone tell what colors will make dark yellow. I have yellow icing gel and cooper gel. Not sure if I can mix those to get dark yellow. I saw where you can mix neon yellow with neon orange for fondant.Help I need it for today.Thanks,
A tall class is basically a tiered cake class. We will be using 6" and 10" cakes. I am curious on how we will be stacking. The wilton classes are great. Really have enjoyed all the ones I have taken.
Thank you for the help, I can't wait to see how we get this together. One more question, can you tell me how you transported your cakes to class and from class. As you see I have never done a tiered cake. Thanks,
I am going to be taking the Tall Cake Class next week and I was wondering if anyone has taken this class before. My question is it requires 2 6" and 2 10" cakes iced, do you know if the class stacks all together or will there be two separate stacked cakes. I know every instructor is different this is a Wilton Class at Michael's.Thanks,
This is the first time I will be using a 10" cake pan. Can anyone tell me how many cake mixes will it take to make two. I need this for my Tall cake class. Any help welcomed.Thanks,
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