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I recently found a recipe by Crumb Boss for Fudge Icing. In the recipe it calls for 1/2 cup regular sugar mixed with heavy cream warmed. I did exactly like it called for and I find my icing is gritty from the sugar. Can anyone tell me if I can fix this or am I going to have to make a new batch. I would appreciate any help. Need for Saturday to fill cake.Thanks,NanaCin
Thanks for the information. I will try those.
Can anyone tell me which number tip will make a large shell border. I have never made one. Thanks,
Privatenamehere,What she want's is the cupcakes to be in the shape of a flower. She doesn't want flowers on the cupcakes. I love your idea but, she is very picky and I don't think she would go for that. Thanks,
I need some help on my Granddaughter's 9th Birthday cake. I was going to make her a cupcake cake in the shape of flowers, but now she would like a sheet cake with cupcakes on top in the shape of flowers. Not really sure how to get this done. Any help and suggestions would be wonderful.Thanks,Nanacin
thanks carmijok for the suggestion, I never thought of that. I will have to give it a try. Thanks again,
I am looking for a great moist chocolate cake recipe. I have tried several recipes even one by the Cake Boss and it was very dense. If anyone has a good recipe for a moist and fluffy cake I would appreciate if you could share. I make alot of cupcakes for my grandkids and I hate it when I give them a dry cupcake. Very frustrated,
Can anyone tell me if they have a good recipe for Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes. Also, has anyone ever used apple pie filling in their cupcakes as a filling.Any help would be great.Thanks,
Can anyone tell me how long you can keep piping gel. Mine looks kinda yellow. Thanks,
Hey Ladies,Can anyone tell me if you have ever put peanut butter in your marshmellow filling. I am making cupcakes for the family and would like to use marshmellow. Also, if you can how much would you recommend. Any help would be great. Need today.Thanks,Cindy
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