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I was wondering what is the better way to keep a cake before you have to decorate it. Is it better to store in refrigerator or freezer. I will be baking on Monday 3rd and decorating on Sat. 8th.     Can anyone give me the right way.   Thanks,
Lately when I make my buttercream it seems to taste gritty. Can anyone tell me how I can get it to be creamy.   Any help appreciated. Nanacin
Hey Everyone, I really need some help here. I am going to make a Birthday Cake for my Daughter and I want to do the Rose Cake I have been seeing. My problem is she wants chocolate on chocolate. Can anyone give me some ideas on how I could possibly make the roses two toned chocolate, or any other color mixed with the chocolate frosting. Ideas and suggestions appreciated.Cindy
Thanks I was hoping I could do that. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks Again
I will be making a Birthday cake soon and I would like to put chocolate ganache over my cake then pipe buttercream roses on it. I never have done this before, can anyone tell me if this can be done. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Cin
Thanks to everyone who responded. Have a great day.
I was wondering if anyone can tell me where they get their supplies. I usually go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Party Time in my hometown. But I was looking for a place I could possibly buy some online. Most places I have found you need to have a vendor number or tax id. Which I have neither since I mostly make for friends and family.Any suggestions would be great. Thanks,
Crissyann, How long have you kept yours.
I just finished a birthday cake for my mother in law and have buttercream flowers left over. I was wondering how long I can keep them and how to store them. Wasn't sure if I can put in a container and leave out or do I need to store in freezer or fridge.Any help welcomed.Thanks,
i will have to try something or just fill with icing. Thanks for your help.
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