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My question is how long does a buttercream transfer stay once you put it on the cake. I have never tried one and would like to know this before I do. Any help would be great.    Thanks, Nanacin
I just made a batch of cookie dough frosting and it is gritty. Can I fix this without throwing all of it away. Thanks
I am getting ready to make flowers for my daughters cake and was wondering which would be better almond bark or white chocolate.  Which one would everyone recommend.  Thanks,  
Thanks for getting back so quick. Will try it and hope for the best.
Does anyone know if you can use Rum and Americo gel color to paint on modeling chocolate? I have seen several post saying use Vodka, but I do not have, so I was thinking Rum is clear . Any help would be great. Need for tomorrow.
Does anyone know if a frozen buttercream transfer can be put on top of 7 minute frosting. Never have done one of these so really not sure what can be done.
Help!!!!! My Daughter will turn 40 soon, and I will be making her cake. She would like chocolate icing and I am not sure what decoration colors I should use. I know the normal would be black, but I don't think it will show up on chocolate.    Can anyone give any suggestions on what colors would do.  Any help appreciated.   Thanks, CE
Can anyone tell me how many cake mixes it would take to fill a 10 x 12 inch cake pan. This will be the first time I use these.   Any help would be great.   Thanks,
Can anyone tell me which is the best bags to buy and does anyone have a good supply place  to order them. Where I live there is limited places to get these.     Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks, Cindy
Can anyone tell me how long Wilton decorating gel, decorating icing and meringue powder last and do they have expiration date. Thanks,
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