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Hi, I can't see my photos? love everything else!
I'm with you on that, mine sits in the back of a cupboard, had a bad experience with it when it was humid out and got fed up with it! Haven't tried it since!
what about using a garlic press for the hair? Other than that, she's cute!
how about those cake pops? how are they made so perfectly?????
I would like to know about the cake pops as well, they are perfect as with everything else on the table!
hi, I used fondant for my minnie mouse cake, cut the fondant a bit thick and inserted toothpicks in before it dried. This helps hold it up on the cake
sorry, but what is SCAL and MTC? I have a cricut and would love the idea of using my computer to get ideas from?
here is a great tutorial, it's for polymer clay but works just as well for fondant/gumpaste!
I think in the recipe it does say to refrigerate over night? At least that's what mine did (recipe from CC), my problem is that when I went to roll, it would keep sticking to the counter no matter how much powder sugar I would throw down. Anyone have any suggestions, the taste is so much better than regular fondant.
for me, I'm just starting out as well, I've been making cakes for my family, friends and even co-workers for just the cost of the supplies I purchase. I guess I'm trying to make a protfolio of the cakes that I can do first before I start charging what they really should be worth!
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