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Thank you! That is the recipe I use, so I'm glad to hear it works! I'll also keep them refrigerated and rotate them. Thank you!
Hi all!I just had a bride order a bunch of cupcakes and wanted actual roses (Wilton Roses) on the tops. That's not the problem, the problem is that a few of them have cream cheese frosting. I use shortening for my weddings, but I don't know if that will make it stiff enough to hold up. Have any of you done this? Let me know if you have any tips or if it just will not work. Thank you!
Hi! I opened my bakery in June and am still trying to figure out the best way to transport my cupcakes to weddings. Right now I have 3 large coolers that hold 6 of my cupcake boxes, but I feel there should be a reusable way so I don't go through so many boxes (even though I do reuse them for a few weddings. What do you use? Pictures would be super helpful! Thank you!
A lot of it depends on where you are, your experience, etc. I live in Bend, OR, so things are cheaper here. I charge $1.50-$2.00 each, plus $2/slice for the cake, $50 rental for the cupcake tower (plus a refundable deposit), and delivery starting at $25. I agree that it all depends on you, too! Good luck!
Hi!I just had a request for cream cheese frosting for wedding cupcakes. I know it melts at a lower temperature than buttercream with shortening. Does anyone do cream cheese frosting? If so, what do you do so it doesn't melt and still tastes good? I did one a few weeks ago, but it was an indoor wedding in December and I subbed the butter for shortening and it worked alright, but this wedding is in June, so I don't know if it will make any difference. Any tips? Thank you!
Hi! I'm putting together some brochures for a wedding expo in a few weeks. What do you include in yours? I'm totally stumped! Thank you!
Thank you so much! This helps a lot! I'm thinking I'll stack the first two tiers and do the top one there. My mom is the one who will be driving (my car isn't bit enough), so it might make her more comfortable. Since I'm so new, I'm still figuring out a lot of things! I will definitely be buying an SPS system when I have a little more extra money. I use a commercial kitchen with large convection ovens, so the 16" will fit with no problem. Thank goodness for that!
Hi! So I have my first huge wedding cake this weekend and am getting a little nervous for it. I live in a medium sized town, but my only places to buy cake supplies is at Michael's or Joanns. I'm wishing I bought an SPS system before today.Anyway, I have a couple of questions.1. Would you recommend traveling with my cake stacked or stacking it there?2. I am planning on using plastic or cardboard dowels, any tips? I've been watching on YouTube for tips. 3. This is a 16",...
Thanks! As much as I hate going to Wal-Mart, I'll have to run over there tomorrow. I really wish we had a store that sold just cake supplies, but my town's not that cool. Thanks!
Okay, so I'm doing my first square wedding cake for a wedding on Friday. I want to do 14", 10" and 6". Well, I went to Joann's and Michaels and neither has a 14" square pan! They don't even have a spot for it! Any other ideas of where to find one? I'm planning on baking on Wednesday! I live in a nice size town, but we don't have any cake decorating stores or anything like that (Bend, OR). Tips would be great! I could bake a 12" and add to it, but I don't know how that...
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