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Thanks everyone for your replies. x
Oooh, yes it does, loads.Thanks ever so
Another question, hopefully not a stupid one. As I'm in UK, I work in kg, g, ml or lbs & oz but what is a cup? I've found this in American recipes but am unsure of how to convert it to UK measurements.Really hope someone can help & forgive me if I'm being daft.Thanks for reading.xx
At the moment I'm using Betty Crocker frosting. It's a fave of mine & delicious.For the cake pops I used Wilton Candy Melts. My cake may have been too dense. It was a choc cake & I used veg oil.Thanks for your replies
It's hot & humid in the south east of UK at the moment & my frosting is going all runny. I don't normally like to complain about the sunshine as we don't get much of it but it's a pain for my cakes. Also my cake pops dropped off their sticks one by one when I took them out of the fridge. Are they perhaps best made on the day of eating them? I'm a cake pop newbie.Please help.x
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