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Anyone know of some good coin molds that would work for gold doubloons (or close enough) for a pirate cake? I have seen lots of molds for American coins still in circulation but that doesn't really fit the pirate theme. Thanks!
Thanks for all of the ideas! I make MFF, any input on how to make it chocolate? Do I just add in melted chocolate prior to adding the powdered sugar? About how much do you add?
I am making an outer space cake for my son's birthday. I want it to be black. I am not picky about whether it be covered in fondant or buttercream. I have dyed buttercream black on several occassions but only enough to accent a cake, never to cover. I am not thrilled with the idea of how much dye it would take to do the entire batch. Any ideas? The best I've come up with so far is buying premade black fondant, only because I'm not sure how to get my own fondant a true...
Can someone post a link to this recipe?
Thanks for the ideas, though I'm pretty sure these aren't the issue in my case. I haven't changed anything and my non vanilla recipes are very moist using the same blend I use for the vanilla cake. Last weekend I made vanilla cake and chocolate cupcakes for the same event and the difference was drastic and they came from the same batch of flour, so I'm sure it has to do with my recipe.I will test of the recipe on FromScratchSF's blog and see how it turns out.Thanks for all...
I have a vanilla cake I've been using for some time, but I've become dissatisfied with it over time. The flavor is fantastic, but it's just too dry to meet the standards of my other cakes. Lately, I've finding I direct people away from vanilla because I feel it's my weakest flavor. I do bake gluten free, but I have a lot of success converting regular recipes, so don't let that stop you from recommending your favorite vanilla cake. I tried looking through the saved recipes,...
Thanks for the answer. I went with the whipped ganache and it pipes beautifully. I opted not to attempt the ruffle cake though. The whipped ganache is super intense and I think that would have been way too much frosting. My husband will be very happy tonight.
I haven't made it before but am anxious to. I have a few questions though. Can this be piped like buttercream? Will it hold it's shape? Would it work for the ruffle cake piped with the 104 tip? If not I might go with SMBC again, but it's for our anniversary cake and I know my husband would love the whipped ganache.
As far as the rosettes on the cake, you will probably want to get a 1M tip, you can pick it up at Michaels or other hobby stores. It's a much larger star tip than any that you have, so if you used a smaller tip you'd have very small rosettes and would need to make a ton of them. It wouldn't really have the same look at all.
I actually love vanilla buttercream on lemon cake. My lemon cake is quite lemony and filled with lemon curd and the vanilla buttercream is a perfect sweet counterbalance. I actually prefer American buttercream too, when I usually do SMBC. Something about the tart lemon just goes so perfectly with the sweeter buttercream.
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