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They have the ones you want at globalsugararts also:
You could also use fondant/gumpaste - just use an extruder or roll out two long, very thin "sausages" - line them up, then twist from each side in oposite directions. The tighter you twist the tighter and more "rope like" your rope will be in the end Then just place the rope around the emblem.
Yes, I saw that just after I'd posted Thanks for the tip, I'll try it!
I've been looking for a way to make glaze, so I'll definitely try this! But what keeps all the vodka from evaporating when you heat it up, so you'll just be left with pure corn syrup?
I'm pretty sure I've seen recipes for home made glaze (made with corn syrup?), but now that I need it I can't seem to find it anywhere Does anyone have one to share? I just want something to put a permanent glaze/shine on little gumpaste items etc. - I've purchased the PME glaze spray, but I'm not at all happy with hit - the glaze just isn't very prominent and/or disappears after awhile. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
I don't know if this is *the best* recipe, but I just use my regular sugarpaste recipe and add some tylose to it - not after it's finished, but while mixing in the icing sugar. If memory serves I use about the same ratio as I would if I added the tylose into the finished product - about 1 tsp pr pound of sugarpaste. Then leave to rest. Works very nicely for me.
I would try a pearl spray, like this one: I've only tried it on fondant, but I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well on buttercream.
I buy my clear vanilla flavor from Vanillabazaar (although they do call it extract), and have always been very happy with it. When the cake or paste doesn't need to be white, I use Madagascar vanilla extract.But I have one question about it, though - if I may hi-jack the thread slightly: You can get the vanilla extract/flavor in different strengths/purities... both 200 grams vanilla pr litre and 400 grams vanilla pr litre. What is the "normal" purity for extracts used in...
Thank you, everyone. I still miss a place that has a larger selection - including for the square pans, but I'll keep looking
Nice! Thank you very much The only problem I see with this store is that the choices are quite limited - I need liners for 6,8,10,12 and 14" pans - both round and square. So if anyone knows of a place who carry all of those I'd be most grateful for a tip
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