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This must be the stupidest and most pointless punk I've ever seen. To have people you don't even know put their time and energy into commenting, advising and trying to help you out - only to find out it's all just a joke...and on top of that, not even a remotely good or funny one. That's just plain stupid.
OMG, that's it!!! Thank you thank you thank you , now I will go on a hunt for the recipe again too. Here's a look at it (although not the exact video I was talking about): I love you guys, there's nothing you can't find the answer to here - thanks again, Charmed
Thank you so much for trying to help me out, I really do appreciate it! Unfortunately, this wasn't what I've been looking for either - I myself have done a gazillion searches for "sugar clay", which is why I'm starting to doubt that that's the correct name of the mass. It's something very similar, though! And I know it' made from among other things melted granulated sugar - not icing sugar. If only I could remember the exact name....
Thank you, but as I think I was very clear about this is a sugar mass - this is a cake forum, so I didn't think I had to specify that I was talking about an edible decorating clay. Sorry for the confusion.
This is my last, desperate attempt to see if someone can help me find something I've been unsuccessfully looking for for almost a year now Last year some time I saw a video online of an asian lady making the most amazing things out of something I think she called sugar clay (I'm not 100% sure of the name, actually I think I may be slightly off because I haven't been able to find it by googling that name - it's something similar, though). If memory serves this was a...
I did of course mean 2 parts icing sugar
I've had a few tins of sweetened condensed milk sitting on my shelf for ages, not really knowing what to do with them other than making caramel sauce. Then I thought - what would it be like to use it in buttercream? So I whipped up a batch, 1 part butter 1 part icing sugar, and then used the scm instead of milk/water in it. And it turned out so deliciously creamy and tasty! It sort of added the sliiiightest touch of caramel flavor to the buttercream, and the consistency...
I think adding ganache, or any icing applied, will cover pretty much all the detail of the cake. I myself have always wonderend how you're supposed to use such cake molds - to me it seems they will only show the detail if not covered with anything. Perhaps it's meant to be covered with fondant and the detail re-created on that? Most cakes made in Wilton shaped/character pans will also lose their details/definition if not enhanced by the buttercream or fondant put on it.
The thinner the better, imo. At least if you're going for the realistic look.
I just came across this (to me, at least) new tool for cake pop making: the video below...looks kinda cool! But not exactly cheap. So what do you guys think - worth the money to not have to roll by hand, or just another product you'd probably just use once or twice?
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