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Isn't the image supposed to be flipped and placed with the flat side on the cake (meaning not the side you piped it on)? I think that's what makes the image flat and even.  
I've never even heard of brown butter...sorry.  
Thanks, guys. remnant, my buttercream is 1 part butter, 2 parts powdered sugar, a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract and just a little bit of milk. I think I will try to use some more milk then, and hopefully it will be fine :-)  
I've always just figured that for buttercream to crust nicely, it has to be rather thick. This has caused me some problems before, because I find it hard to apply to the cake nicely.   Then I remembered that what decides if buttercream crusts or doesn't crust, is the sugar to fat ratio in the recipe. Does that mean that as long as the ratio is right, you can thin the bc to the consistency you like (using milk etc.), apply it to the cake, and then find it crusts well?...
I'm wondering if she may mean cutters that emboss the actual cookie, not the fondant on top. The ones I've seen work just like fondant cutters/embossers - where you cut out the cookie with the cutter part, then press in the embosser to make the pattern on the cookie.  
I would definitely freeze the cupcakes as I made them. Wrap them well and pop them in the freezer, then your only challenge would be to find a place to put them all when time comes to defrost :-)  
I appologize in advance for the goofiness...but the only answer that comes to mind is "you cover the cake with the white frosting"...   Not quite sure what you concieve to be the problem here, but if you're worried about the brown showing through the white frosting, I'd try crumb coating the cake first, then applying the rest of the frosting a little later. That way the surface won't be quite so dark. But still, I see no problem with white frosting on chocolate...
My recipe for MMF says to not knead it when it's done in the mixer (just make sure it gets a good 5 minutes in there first) - just scoop it into some plastic wrap, then wrap it up tight and leave it to set up over night. Just out of the mixer it's going to be sticky, not roll-able at all (much like a very thick buttercream kinda thing) - but as it sets up over night it transforms to fondant beautifully all on its own. All you need is to knead it together a little before...
This must be the stupidest and most pointless punk I've ever seen. To have people you don't even know put their time and energy into commenting, advising and trying to help you out - only to find out it's all just a joke...and on top of that, not even a remotely good or funny one. That's just plain stupid.
OMG, that's it!!! Thank you thank you thank you , now I will go on a hunt for the recipe again too. Here's a look at it (although not the exact video I was talking about): I love you guys, there's nothing you can't find the answer to here - thanks again, Charmed
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