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How about making a skateboard ramp cake instead? Then you could put a little skateboard on top of that, perhaps even with the rider on it. There are quite a few ramp cakes on CC, I have one in my gallery and it wasn't hell to make. Never tried making the actual skateboard, but I know many have - google it and I'm sure you'll get some idea.  
That's weird - when you go to the school's facebook page it looks like the school has been closed. Their website is down, and all sorts of people seem to be out of pocket a great deal! akrainis - you say you're a student there now? So is the school not closed afterall?  
To be fair - they do have the option to pay through PayPal, and that's perfectly safe. Hadn't thought of that because I've never used it, but that's certainly an option! Use PayPal when ordering, and do use GSA - it's a wonderful resource for us cakers  
Nope, I'm VERY weary of going back to GSA after having had 3 of my CCs compromised from shopping there over the past few months. Although in fairness - I hadn't thought of the paypal option. Might try that, because I so love that store!  
GSA used to be my absolute favorite website, they have "everything"! I've ordered loads of times from them in the past, and been very happy doing so. Unfortunately at the end of last year they had massive security problems, resulting in heaps of people having their credit information stolen from the website and consequently ended up with fraudulent use of their creditcards - I was one of them, I had THREE credit cards "stolen" and money went missing on all of them. I...
That's cool - thanks! But unfortunately one can only order one of these for that price, I tried to add more but they appeared full price. Just a tip, so be careful you pick the one you want most!  
Thanks for the recipes, guys. But I can't use shortening - the closest thing we've got to that in this country comes in solid blocks, waaaaay harder than butter, and no matter how long you leave it on the counter it never reaches the consistency of the American shortening (Crisco etc). I did try it a couple of times when I first started out, but it's impossible to get rid of the lumps - our "shortening" is only meant for melting. So everything I do has to be all butter....
Isn't the image supposed to be flipped and placed with the flat side on the cake (meaning not the side you piped it on)? I think that's what makes the image flat and even.  
I've never even heard of brown butter...sorry.  
Thanks, guys. remnant, my buttercream is 1 part butter, 2 parts powdered sugar, a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract and just a little bit of milk. I think I will try to use some more milk then, and hopefully it will be fine :-)  
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