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How about crushing up gingersnap cookies. I think that would taste good with the lemon and give you a light brown soil.
Nice looking website. I would suggest adding carrot cake to your cake flavors list. A paypal account is good  to have for collecting payments ahead of time for orders and safer than checks.
I too was the one always asked to make the desserts for family functions for years. Then I got the idea to say I would rather bring the appetizer or veggie tray because as much as I like making desserts I don't always want that burden. I occasionally still make desserts but only when I want to. It's one thing to bring a dessert to a family potluck where everyone is contributing. But events that you are not invited to such as making cupcakes for your mom's work then you...
I love the name you have but I would change my business name as well if in the same situation since there's another business in such close proximity. How about Sweet Creations or Splendid Confections.
How about putting a funny name on the pill bottle such as Perky Pecker Pills and have some little  candy blue pills next to the pill bottle.
Inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been inspired by greeting cards, a party invitation or napkin, wall art, coloring books, an evening gown, a vase of flowers, my garden, etc. I found it helpful to take a floral arrangement class in addition to cake decorating classes. I look at how colors are used together whether it's on a business sign, clothing, a bed spread or wherever and use those as my color pallet for my cakes.
I used to have problems with my caramel being gritty as well. I switched to a superfine sugar (I use C&H Baker's sugar). I also make sure the sugar is thoroughly dissolved  in the water on low heat before bringing it to a boil on high heat. I also don't stir the sugar syrup mixture once it comes to a boil. I brush down the sides of the pot with water using a silicone pastry brush so there's no brush bristles in mixture. I watch it like a hawk until the mixture is a lovely...
I personally would pass on the cake. You'll need the 2 days before to pack not only for yourself but your 3 kids as well. No need tiring or stressing yourself out before the camping trip.
I asked my 12 year old daughter what kind of flowers girls her age would want on a cake and she said "hippie style" daisies and fun flower roses (in the 2003 wilton yearbook and online). Also hot pink or bubble gum pink would be preferable over other shades of pink such as mauve. Using bright accent colors such as lime green are considered "cool".
Never reward bad behavior. I would have nothing further to do with this lady. I too would like to write a cookbook someday and don't share my dessert recipes. You may find that a few years down the line you miss having a bakery and choose to reopen one.
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