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Thank you so much for this information!!!Is really gonna be usefull for me
If you have a small cake, lets say a 2 tier cake, do you leave the cardboard between the tiers? I have been trying to learn from ttorials, but I can not find that info. is necesary to leave the carboard between the tiers in any cake? thanks!!!!
yes Marinette, I did, and yes, here is very humid so, May be is that.I've seen the videos in you tube, I am also thinking, this could be my machine you know??? what if there is something wrong with this particular one? So ill try for a couple of days more, hope I can make it work and thanks for you advice! xo
Ok, I went over and try every thing.... and nothig works...... There is not possible way I can make this thing work. I can only cut small circles, that I have to at the end , fix with my hands to make them totally round. So I am seriuosly thinking in returning it. just FYI girls
gosh!!!!!! if I knew this was So complicated!!! I have to make this week the happy birthday sign, and will follow all the suggestions, ti post the results latter . thanks!!!
I am sorry, finger mistake!!! I let the fondant Dry.
this also happened to me!!! I was going crazy not knowing what to do! a friend of mine recomended to use only gum paste or the cricut sheets, and not to use fondant.Since I had no time that day to go buy any of those, I try letting the fondant fry a little and when it was a little hard, I started cutting. This helped a lot, not a 100 % but I was able to cut some figures. Is a very sad situation , some days I feel like returning the machine cause is not as easyand helpful...
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