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Diddo to Glenda's comment about using it all the time & the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. That's how I got mine and you will find once you have one you will use it all the time. I love how I always have a consistant thickness to my fondant or gumpaste pieces. Jo-Anne
Over Christmas I was surfing the net and found an Ebay store in the US that had Silicone Clayshaper sets for very very reasonable prices. I ordered a set of soft Size 2 and the shipping charge was $2.96 via regular mail to Canada. I just got them today and they are perfect. These are so awesome for sculpting and with some work you can even almost blend together a seam in fondant!Anyway just wanted to share this info, here’s the link for the store if you might want to check...
Could you rent one? We have an event rental place that rents them.
What kind of printer do you have? I had an Epson and hated it. It printed with lines through everything and the color was so off. I finally sold it on eBay and bought a Canon and I have been printing with excellent quality ever since. Make sure to print something almost everyday so your ink does not dry or clog.
Oops, it was 16 hours in total.
My most labor intensive was this rose bouquet cake I made. It had 96 handmade gumpaste roses in four different colors and those strips or "stems" took a long time. Not to mention how cross-eyed they made me at 2am in the morning. Thank goodness I did these with the Jem strip cutter. Just before this cake I was doing everything with a rotary cutter and a metal ruler.
Elcee, my son's only three but I've since your post I have been looking at his big dresser in a whole new way......just kidding. Love the rolling tool chest idea VickiC. My husband has his in the garage....I could have mine in the basement. That must be so nice.
Totally agree Kiddiekakes!!!I always use box mix as a base and add to it for flavor, consistency or whatever I need for my client. I have never had someone complain. No shame for box mix here.
A second kitchen in my house just for caking. But thats not going to happen so and Agbay or an Airbrush Booth.
We have a smaller house but I still manage to make cakes and have accumulated ALOT of cake decorating tools for several years. Any tips on organizing these tools, molds, cutter, mats, rolling pin, etc. My Wal-mart plastic storage drawers are such a mess. Any suggestions?
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