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 I would use RI for a dummy. 
 There are quite a few fondants out there that stay soft.  Carma Massa, ifigourmet (my personal favorite), Fonderific and Duff to name a few.  
Just an FYI - Liz Marek put out a notice that adjusts her recipe for the new Wilton.  If you buy a 5lb box just use one whole silver package - all other ingredients stay the same.
This !  
So sorry to hear, Evoir.  I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand about 10 years ago (before my cake days). I went to a hand specialist and had to have the full surgery.  At the time I was on a softball team and it was the middle of the season.  For me, and everyone is different, I was allowed to start catching/ throwing the ball in two weeks and batting in three weeks. I had 90% of the strength back in my hand within 5 months. I am very glad I had it done - never a...
I use the upside down method from Three Little Blackbirds but with freezer paper instead of wax.  The link is for ganache but can be used for butter cream. Like AZ stated, it's the cake board that is used as the guide.  A good bench scaper is key.  You want something that sits flat with a 90 degree edge.  Look into Fat Girls and I also use Bash N Chop.   As with anything else, practice makes perfect.    ...
Thank you for the tips emilyg  
The date on the link says :   Sunday, October 5th, 2014. 6:30PM - 7:30PM EST  
  I know I must be doing something wrong with Sugar Veil - it's always so brittle for me.  I switched to Sugar Dress and I love it, however it never stiffens so if you need your pieces to set up hard, it can be a challenge.
 I'm glad you got better results than I did.  I will never make SMBC dairy free again - I'll go another route first.
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