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OP,  I would suggest you find a large fancy fleur-de-lys mold.  It will make your life easier than piecing it together.  They make them made of acanthus leaves. Easy peezy.  
The Wicked Goodies tutorial on the her website is for the bow.  The wrapped present instructions are in her book.
If I have to color a large amount of fondant I generally take a smaller piece of the fondant and make a concentrated color with powder free vinyl gloves.   After that is done, Crisco is the only thing I need on my hands to add the concentrated color until I reach the shade I need.
I have switched from Carma Massa to ifigourment from the Pastry Portal.  Love this stuff.
Dark chocolate ganache can be quite stable in high temps.  The higher the cocoa percentage the more stable.  Not true for white chocolate.  I cannot speak to BC's that uses shortening only because I use butter.  For me, I would use ganache.  Let it set up at room temp to get a nice hard shell.   When my daughter got married the wedding was held in a vineyard - 90 degrees and humid.  The baker told her if she wanted a cake outdoors in that heat and humidity, please use...
 I would use RI for a dummy. 
 There are quite a few fondants out there that stay soft.  Carma Massa, ifigourmet (my personal favorite), Fonderific and Duff to name a few.  
Just an FYI - Liz Marek put out a notice that adjusts her recipe for the new Wilton.  If you buy a 5lb box just use one whole silver package - all other ingredients stay the same.
This !  
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