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thank you both for your answers! I still have a lot to learn and it does sounds better to just send her an email and not waste my time on a meeting. I appreciate your help!
Ok so I have a small business baking out of my house and obviously I've been trying to get new clientele and build up my business. I have to admit I don’t have a lot of years of experience and that I’m still trying to build my portfolio now but having a full time job has made it kind of difficult to a lot of things and expand my portfolio. Well today I was contacted by a sales person from a bridal magazine and I’m assuming she wants to try to sell me a spot on the magazine...
thank you for sharing this video, I always struggle getting my boxes ready specially for tall cakes
how about you do a cake covered in "grass" like a golf field and have a couple of characters wearing those cute lederhosen outfits playing golf? that's a hard combination of themes, good luck and make sure to put a pic of the cake I want to see how it turns out.
Well I will tell her that she can find someone else to do her cake. You gave her a quote and that's it, you don't need to know how much the venue charges cause that's not your problem. Sorry but she's comparing apples to oranges, the price of one has nothing to do with the price of the other. People need to stop trying to "negotiate" prices, it is what it is!
Bliss Pastry I'm gonna have to try that sauce myself, it sounds amazing! DaisyJay: I have a vanilla cake recipe I use only for cakes and I have a "softer/tastier" recipe I use only for cupcakes. Considering cupcakes bake for less time you always have to be vigilant that you won't over-bake them. I would recommend trying a "vanilla cupcake" recipe and see how that works out and keep the recipe you have for cakes. Good luck!
Have you tried this website? don't know how the prices compare to what you have already looked at but it might help. Good luck!
I agree with rooneygirl, you might try to reduce the amount of bananas and add some banana extract to add more flavor and compensate for the reduction of bananas. I have a very moist Rev Velvet recipe which I have covered with fondant and I haven’t had any issues with it, but I always use that as the top layer considering it will not hold up the weight of other cakes. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
I agree with FromScratchSF. To get a very good color "dark" in the fondant it's better if you let it sit over night tightly wrapped in plastic so it won't dry out. Also, to get it back to the consistency you want it you can try adding a little bit of tylose powder.
I think the most important factor when getting a new camera to take picture of the cakes is to have the Macro option. Macro will enhace the colors and details of the cakes.
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