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Thank you all so much, I really appreciate you taking time to help me out with this!!   I think I will just do it last thing in the morning before I head out, just because it makes sense to me that if you remove it from the stem, there is no lifeline. I'm sure it will be fine.   thanks again :-)   Lisa
Hi cakegeekuk,   Thank you so much for your reply!! I'm in the US in Washington state, NW. I was originally thinking of assembling  the night before and storing it in the refrigerator what do you think?     thanks a bunch!! Lisa
You're awesome! You just helped me so much!! Thank you!! Lisa
Hi, I am cutting the stems off roses, inserting floral wire, then inserting into Styrofoam (not floral foam). This will be between a 6 and 8 inch tier. Any clue how far in advance this can be done? I'm wondering how long the roses will hold up, or if I should just do it at the set up. I haven't done it before , didn't want to try it at the last minute. Thanks so much, Lisa
Oh that's a great idea. Thank you so much for all of your help ! Lisa
Thank you so much for your response..beautiful cake and that's the look I'm looking for. I am using the sps for this cake, but they are stacking it themselves. I was worried the pillars would show, but they don't. Is there Styrofoam to push the flowers into? Could you please tell me what I need for materials between the 6 & 9 inch tiers where the flowers will be? Thank you so much, Lisa
Hi,   I am doing a 3 tiered wedding cake 6, 9, 12..the bride wants fresh flowers between the 6 and 9 (about 3 inches high..) can I possibly use a cake dummy 4x3 and stack the 6inch tier directly on the dummy? Or any suggestions??   thanks so much!!   Lisa
Thank you! I don't really have any trouble getting the fondant ones out . The problem with them is that there is too much excess, kind of like a webbed ducks foot. I think I might try either color flow or RI....the chocolate still broke on the must be the type of have to peel the mold away to release the snowflake...thank you so much for all of the responses!!! Lisa
I'll give it a try!   thanks so much!!!     Lisa
I have a wedding cake I'm doing next month and the bride wants 3D snowflakes as a topper and in various places on the cake. I ordered some silicone molds that are very detailed! I can't use fondant or gumpaste to get into some of the tiny areas...I tried melting white chocolate bark, it set nicely, but I couldnt remove them without them breaking into tiny pieces..any ideas anyone? wondering if RI or color flow might work...any ideas would be very much...
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