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Just wondering other people's thoughts on grammar when it comes to cake decorating...please keep in mind that I am a teacher so I may be a bit of a grammar police. ;)   Anyway, I was recently looking at the Facebook page of a cookie decorator (has a store and sells cookies). They had "Happy Mothers Day" written on cookies even though Mothers should be Mother's. Someone else pointed it out and the person who owns the store said she knows there's an apostrophe but chooses...
The sad thing is...there's a new shop that opened up near where I live and the cakes on this thread are way better than the cakes from this place. I keep thinking it'll probably go out of business soon. The reviews people leave on FB are frightening. I look at their cakes on their FB page once in awhile and I am embarrassed for them. :(
I always bake for less time than the recipe states. As a rule of thumb, I start checking at 15 minutes.   Also, I've heard (and agree) that if you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean, your cupcakes are overdone. If there's a bit of cupcake crumbs stuck to the toothpick when you pull it out (but doesn't look completely undercooked), then they are done.   I also take them out of the pan quickly because I they continue to bake a little bit.
You definitely want to freeze them next time. If I don't freeze cupcakes, I make them the day before and no sooner than that. Tuesday to Saturday would definitely mean a crumbly and old cupcake. Freezing cupcakes is very easy. I've done it a few times and had no problems. I don't freeze them decorated.
I used this recipe for the first time the other day and again today, and it came out very well. The only difference I made was to use whole milk as that's what I bake with and had on hand. I'm not sure what could've gone wrong??
I marked several photos of cakes as my favorite. Isn't there a way view only my favorite cakes? Thanks! I've looked everywhere.
Someone wanted...
This is the recipe I use.   I took Sprinkles' strawberry cupcake recipe (which I love) and replaced strawberry with shredded carrots. Yum!
I agree with everyone-don't add the milk until the end if you feel it needs it. 6-8 tsp is A LOT. I only ever add about 1 tsp for some recipes and those recipes call for 4 cups of powdered sugar.   You can beat this recipe for a few minutes (I usually beat cream cheese frostings for about 5 minutes). It will not curdle or ruin the frosting.   The grittiness might be from the brand/quality of powdered sugar you use. There's one brand at the store (a common brand)...
I like Trader Joe's brand of unsalted butter. It's less expensive than everything else I've found, and it tastes good. My favorite vanilla is Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon. For chocolate I use Nestle cocoa powder and Giradelli chocolate chips (sometimes I just use the regular Nestle chocolate chips although they aren't my favorite).
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