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I think that the bigger balsl are covering the support system...the ball were probably pierced to cover the pipe from the support system.  There's no way hot glue could hold that much cake :)
i don't believe that 45$ is a outrageous price, but it might be to high a't a 3D cake (even if it's a wilton pan cake), frosted in ganache, fondant decorations, spider figurine etc...i think that 35$ is a good's 3$ per serving.   When i go to a restorant, i buy a piece of cake for 3.50-4$ and it's not even decorated.   I guess, it's also depends on your location.   It's only my point of view :)
Here's the tutorial:
I made some cakes that have that sharp edge buttercream and ganache. I found a tutorial on youtube and I also took a craftsy's a picture...I'll try to find that tutorial for you :)
I'm a red-velvet cream cheese smbc kind of person...and anything that as chocolate in it hahaha but mnbrogers has a point...ask them...maybe they have something specific in mind :)
I think I read somewhere that you sould calculate 1.5 cupcake per for 80 peoples, you should bake 120 cupcakes...but that might be exagerated! Maybe 10 extra, so 90 cupcakes...some people will get more then one!
This is my worst cake ever...
I'm not a pro, but i think that you could overmix a cake batter. You need to beat the sugar and butter into a cream, and then add the this point you need to beat it a lot!!! That will add lightness to your cake batter, it will add ''air'' to the mixture. Then you add your dry ingredients and liquids. Always finish with the dry ingredients. At this not over beat. I normaly use a spatula at the end to finish mixing my batter.  How was the cake...
Hello,  I'm making this cake for my nephew in a couple of week.  I'm having trouble finding how to make is arms???   My cake will be covered in is arms should also be covered in fondant. Thank for your suggestions.   I thought of making them in gumpaste, put i'm worried they will fall once in the cake...maybe RK???   I took this picture from the internet, not sure who created it Sandra
I use a swiss meringue buttercream. It's delicious and does not crust as much. I use it under fondant ans buttercream decorated cakes.
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