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I have heard it as well . Usually this method is used if you are baking sponge or  genoise cakes ( no leveling ingredients in the batter) . The idea is the batter to grab on the sides of the pan while in the oven. It helps the cake not to shrink after is baked and cooled down . HTH 
No , I actually used Wilton's Sky Blue :)
Here it is the finished cake , I am not very happy with the shell . Oh , well , practice makes perfect . Thanks for your help :) 
Thank u Shanter !     I don't know what color yet . The mother-to-be fiends wanted it in blue But I have the freedom to do whatever I want . I will probably make it in light blue, white and some ivory , marbled .
IDK , maybe it is a clam shell :)) Anyway - you know what I mean . Definitely will make a template  and will go from there.  I am wondering how can I attach both pieces and will the vertical one stay on  with royal icing .Or maybe I will do a more closed one and the top piece will be touching the baby at some point .so it will have some  type of support . Thanks for the taking the time to answer :)) 
Can anyone please  help me with ideas how to make an  open seashell topper( free hand)  It is for a baby shower cake and there is a baby figurine that goes in it , so it needs to be quite big.  . I have actually  made a couple of them before , but they just look OK . I need this one to look awesome :) Thank you in advance !
I love my FD pans .   I have had them for about 3 years now and I have never had any issues  . I bake my cakes ( usually just  a sponge and devils food - which are completely different batters ) on 335 F . I have only used Wilton pans before ( which are horrible) ,  so I can't compare FD with any other line .  Good luck !
Sam's Club - so far the best price - $3.75  for a pint ( it went up last week:(( ) and 36% butter fat . I don't think the Walmart brand has enough fat in it . It still whips but it is not that stiff .  Natka81 , do you recall how much does it cost at Costco ? And what is the butterfat  content ?   I have always wondered :) 
You can do the monkey  if you simply print out a similar monkey image and use it as your  own template , cutting the fondant with an exacto knife . For the monkey face you could use either ivory color , copper ( usually used for skin color) , even very light peach color would do the job . I think the brown fondant is actually chocolate fondant ( already made) . The other colors are spot on and you will  see how bright and beautiful they are . Good luck to you :)
This tread is 6 years old :) 
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