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Thanks once again for your reply. I am pleased you like my work.... Maybe I need to put some more basic wedding cake designs on or prices on some of my cakes not to frighten people away. Its all new really so I will keep on trying Thanks again
Thanks for the reply, I'm unsure what you mean by "too big" Are the pictures too high quality ? any advice? Facebook?  not sure how that happened as I am a bit of a novice    Thanks again
Hi all,   I live over in the UK and have started a cake decorating business in the last 6 months or so formally. I have a website which rates as second on google when you type in wedding cakes Swansea, which is where I live. Although I am not getting as many requests as I would like. I have some links with local wedding businesses but it appears that most are not keen and have friends in the field that they are helping to promote only. I have been given mixed ideas...
Hi I cant find my favourite pics or my photos easilyNot as easy as before.Quality is good thoughx
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