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Hi,Does anyone have a simple recipe for a basic cake or cupcake mixture, please? I am hoping to do some cupcakes as gifts for Christmas and can't find anything with less than a gazillion ingredients. Would very much appreciate any recipes ideas that anyone has.Many thanx and happy baking!!! x x x
Hi,I am in the UK and wondered if anyone can tell me where I can buy shortening, please?Thank you! x x x
Hi,Still fairly new at the decorating thing... and trying to get perfect icing of all kinds.I have a couple of birthday cakes coming up and would like to know if anyone has a fool proof recipe, please. I am looking for icing that I can write with on the side of a cake that will not run, drip, slide etc... Also, which icing is best for outling... say a cookie that you would then fill in and further decorate and the icing does not run or fall off the edge of that...
Thanx everyone. I do use a lot of confectioner's sugar / sugar but only because when I am working the sugarpaste / fondant, it goes too sticky. I try not to overwork it but then I do get that dull dusty look. Thanx - will try the steam and the brushing down with shortening. x x x
Hi,I have used fondant / sugarpaste icing a few times now but more often than not, I get a rather dry effect on the finished design. How do I combat this, please? Shoud I be brushing it with something afterwards?I have a decent sized design to do for my kids birthday cake (coming up soon) and I want to be fully prepared and ready to tackle it like a semi-pro... Any tips of any kind would be much appreciated... Thank you!!!Jackie
Thanx all for your help!!! It is the liners that I am after. Thank you for that, I shall have a closer look at the website.
Hi,I am hoping to do a Scooby Doo themed party for my kids and have seen some Scooby Doo Cupcake cases online under "images" in a search but cannot actually find a site that sells them.Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?Many thanx,Jackie
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